Let’s see if we can get a tune out of this old trombone…

This idea has been rattling around for a bit. The theme or tone of an intended campaign might have been different, but there were central places and figures things kept coming back to. I’m going to focus on the locations I’ve got some idea of.

I hope to maintain a sort of developer’s blog, as well as the “official” version. Now, you may recall I’ve been beating you over the head with the “work in progress” routine. Pobody’s nerfect, you get me? The list below is very much in that spirit. You’ll notice that, seeing as how not all of those links, well, link.

(It’s entirely possible that any and/or all of those names are just placeholders, subject to change at any point. In theory, there will be some measure of explanation via the dev’s blog, even if it’s just “Cuz awesome!”)

In the spirit of actually building a world, I aim to detail the region; its geography, its people, their politics, etc. As it’s a work in progress, they will be in varying degrees of completion. As time goes on, I hope to include detailed NPCs, locations, and maybe even adventures. If I may be so bold, playtest and pillage to your heart’s content, whatever there may be. Just hit me up with any feedback you may have.

Now, for this environment, I’ll be using DnD 5th Edition. My primary resources will be the Player’s Guide and the Monster Manual , the “core” books. There will be no shortage of homebrew and house rules, I expect, but I really do try to keep things within the confines of the rules as written (RAW). That’s half the challenge, I think.


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